A New Chapter: Welcome to Fernandes Healthcare Insights

Blog1It’s Time!

Many of you know that I’ve long said the next chapter in my professional journey would be opening a small consultancy dedicated to helping organizations and people on their journey to building trusted, interoperable data. Well, the day has arrived and I’ve said adieu and thanks to IBM. Today, I’m starting the next phase. Welcome to Fernandes Healthcare Insights!!

The past decade, and particularly the last two or three years, have repeatedly demonstrated just how vital trusted, interoperable data is for advancing better, more cost effective care delivery. And as more organizations are finally moving ahead with long-overdue consumer engagement strategies, the stakes for trusted data are growing even higher.

Over the past five years I’ve heard countless stories of organizations launching physician or patient portals that were suddenly closed when they realized they were not appropriately “exposing” trusted data in a manner that advanced their goals of interoperability and engagement. In many ways, creating trusted provider data is even more difficult than addressing patient, member, or consumer data. And in the past year, with increasing requirements for quality reporting and the shift to value-based payments, organizations can no longer afford the time to get it wrong. I’ll talk a lot more about these topics in upcoming posts.

I chuckled (sadly) last week as I read AMA EVP and CEO James Madara share in his AMA House of Delegates address: “We were told that interoperability was the future; we didn’t expect that it would always be in the future.” Building information and data governance strategies that support trusted data, and the long-delayed, meandering road to interoperability, will be the focus of my practice.

As you and your organization build or advance your trusted data strategy, let me be a resource as you encounter challenges or need a fresh perspective. Over my years of experience, moving from paper records to EHRs to EMPIs to MDM to governance, I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations – and I always learn something new that I can apply to the next challenge. Through this blog, I’ll share my lessons learned and perspectives on industry news and trends.

In the meantime I wish everyone a great summer. Here’s a glimpse of Swan Lake from Crane Mountain in Bigfork, Montana. Truly a maze of interoperable trails and roads, we tackle it with our trusted quads, water, and snacks, and interconnected digital helmets.