4 Actions to Bring Banking-Like Interoperability to Healthcare

Perhaps lost in the buzz of HIMSS was the new report Advancing Interoperability, Information Sharing, and Data Access: Improving Health and Healthcare for Americans from the Bipartisan Policy Center and the Health Leadership Council (HLC). It’s a short report that complements the HIMSS buzz around interoperability, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and consumer engagement. The report includes Read more about 4 Actions to Bring Banking-Like Interoperability to Healthcare[…]

Matching Patient Records: The GAO Perspective

The long-awaited United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, Health Information Technology, Approaches and Challenges to Electronically Matching Patients’ Records across Providers, was released last week despite the government shutdown. The GAO interviewed 37 stakeholders including ONC, providers, AHRQ, and some organizations like Pew Charitable Trust and WEDI. Honestly, I was disappointed in the lack Read more about Matching Patient Records: The GAO Perspective[…]

My 2019 Focus: 4 Key Patient Identification Activities

It’s mid-January, 36o F, and nary a flake of snow is visible on my front yard. I remind myself this is not the typical winter we had anticipated in Montana. My husband grouses that he’s only used his new toy (snowplow) twice. I’ve made my customary resolutions for the new year, including to be more Read more about My 2019 Focus: 4 Key Patient Identification Activities[…]

Patient Record Matching Conversation Intensifies

My recent  AHIMA blog highlights some of the key recommendations from the Pew patient matching whitepaper released October 2 , as well as two additional suggestions for the action plan.  Kudos to Pew for heightening and broadening the record matching conversation in healthcare (and beyond).  It’s heartwarming to see some of the discussion from my 2016 Read more about Patient Record Matching Conversation Intensifies[…]