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Fernandes Healthcare Insights (FHCI) is a consulting firm assisting clients in developing and enhancing data quality to build trusted data that is needed in today’s healthcare transformation activities.


Master Data Management (MDM), whether person,,, member, provider or location oriented, is where organizations start to build trusted data to meet enterprise goals…

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Enterprise Master Person or Provider Index (EMPI)

EMPIs have existed in healthcare for more than two decades providing a single view of person or provider data for care delivery or financial purposes.

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Data Stewardship and Remediation

Applying stewardship or remediation activities to data ambiguity challenges is frequently one of the priority steps in building high quality, trusted data….

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Information Governance Consulting

Building a governance strategy to ensure trusted data can vary considerably based upon the corporate maturity and control, and the organization’s desire to govern data at an en-terprise level…

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Our story

Thirty years of healthcare and public sector experience
Advancing the importance of building high quality data to meet strategic and operational goals
  • Frequent contributor to blog sites including IBM Big Data Hub and IBM Healthcare Insights, as well as other sites and peer-reviewed publications.

  • Presented at HIMSS, HIMSS Asia Pacific, AHIMA, CHIA, state HIM associations, other industry and technology conferences.

  • Has worked with over 20 provinces, regions, and countries in North America, Asia, and Australia in developing strategy for establishing high quality data.

  • Innovator in leading multiple organizational departments including HIM, case management, trauma and cancer registry, risk management.

Establishing Trust
Trusted, governed data is required by a modern, agile healthcare ecosystem that uses the big data it generates to engage consumers to achieve wellness, and deliver higher quality care. Simply stated, without trust in the data that is being used for care delivery, payments, analytics and research, organizations may be spending millions of dollars in activities that will be suspect if they are build on poor data quality

Establishing trust in person data and creating the holistic, 360 degree view of this data, is foundational to activities undertaken by care delivery and wellness organizations, payers and health plans, and public entities such as health and human services. Provider level data, whether individual or organizational, is particularly important in today’s quality measurement and value-based payment plans.

Governing Data
Governance is essential to building this trust, as data users must be able to trust the lineage of data, understand how quality has been established or enhanced, and integration strategies have been applied to the vast amounts of data being produced. Organizations must continually assess whether data is “fit for purpose” and apply governance and stewardship to ensure the data provides the insight to meet strategic and operational needs.

Gaining Insight from Data
Today organizations are striving to understand and execute on the belief that data is a valuable, strategic asset . To be valuable, data must be accurate and accurate data leads to in-sights that will help an organization deliver high quality services while controlling costs and engaging the consumer.

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