Let’s Do Patient Identification Right—The First Time!

blog5imageI’ve worked in the governance and patient identification areas for 20+ years. Sadly, until the past couple years, I’ve seen limited changes in patient identification, even as technology has made it easier. I think the stagnation stems from:

  • The belief that a national healthcare identifier will “solve” patient identification challenges
  • The policy and standards focus on adopting technology to help create electronic data, with little guidance or emphasis on managing that data
  • The market transformation focus on digitization and data analytics, without equally addressing foundational requirements for high-quality, trustworthy data

I scratch my head as to why organizations don’t deploy better patient identification approaches where they can make the biggest difference, at the point of registration — it should be a no brainer to do it right the first time. Using better person search algorithms at the point of registration is feasible, easily implemented, and does not have to break the bank.

Olmsted Medical Center is already meeting the ONC 2024 patient identification metrics, and will share their exemplary successes and approach during the upcoming IMT webcast on September 21 at 9 PDT. I’ll also be presenting, exploring a real-world roadmap that organizations can consider for their own journey to better data quality for person/patient identifiers.

While organizations may think using sophisticated patient search algorithms are too costly, or requires major workflow and training adjustments, neither is true. And in practice, the benefits of “getting it right the first time” outweigh the upfront work: better customer satisfaction, avoiding the cost of correcting duplicate medical record numbers, and detecting fraud. Plus, with better patient identification, your organization will have correct, trusted information for consumer engagement, population health, value-based reimbursement, and many other strategic and operational activities.

Please join the team of IMT, Olmsted Medical Center, and Fernandes Healthcare Insights as we explore why better patient identification at the point of registration is essential, easily implemented, and can produce profound savings.