White paper from IFHIMA amplifies the role of Information Governance in HIM

Whether you live in Australia, Canada, Japan, Spain, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere in the world for that matter, today’s  healthcare requires trusted, accurate and secure data to meet the goals of transformation. Information is essential to meeting these goals because transformation activities impact better care, operational efficiency, controlling costs, and consumer engagement. Key to creating high quality information from data is a strong, multi-stakeholder governance approach that ensures the data meets the needs of the organization, whether private, public, or ministerial.

The International Federation of Health Information Management Associations (IFHIMA), a 24-nation member non-governmental organization (NGO) in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), is pleased to release its whitepaper entitled Advancing Information Governance: a Global Imperative. The paper addresses the importance of information governance, and discusses fundamental steps that should be taken to ensure success as information governance is planned and executed. It includes pragmatic case studies, written by IFHIMA members, and outlines how their organizations have achieved success while addressing organizational challenges and priorities.

The whitepaper discusses the global imperative for IG, stewardship as a key facet of IG, the intertwining of health information management (HIM) and IG, and why IG is relevant and important in developing nations, as well as mature health systems. This practical discussion explores the importance of IG in the context of internationally accepted practices like the Caldicott Principles and the Fair Information Practices Principles while emphasizing that an IG program must serve the needs of the consumer, patient and citizen and their associated data.

On behalf of the IFHIMA Board of Directors I congratulate the authors from Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and the USA who have advanced the HIM practice and exemplify industry leadership.

IFHIMA includes healthcare professionals from over 24 member countries, plus individuals and corporations. If you are a health information management or technology professional, a minister of health, or a health data leader, you’ll want to read Advancing Health Information Governance: a Global Imperative.

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